How To Live A Real Life Health And Fitness Today


At this time, when all the world is under a pandemic virus, we must take care of ourselves and our actions. Thus, we must stay at home, hidden inside our houses, because we have to take good care of our health.

Real Life Health And Fitness

What can we do for a real life health and fitness?

We can start with exercises which we can practice at home. If you are lucky and have a yard, you can do the same exercises or even more of them, outside. The most important is to do at least one hour per day physical activity, it doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside.

I want to share with you some exercise tips for your entire family to help you stay at home, always having a real life health and fitness.

Real life health and fitness indoor workout

You can try these workout tips in your own room.

1. Jumping the ropeA cardiovascular exercise.

Real Life Health and Fitness

The jumping rope is very important for our health because it helps our heart. It gives the same result as riding a bike, walking, running or climbing stairs.

2. The Dance – with 20 minutes of energetic dance on favorite music, you can lose 120 calories and get a relaxed mood

3. Another good exercise is to stay in a vertical position and with the legs slightly off, you raise on your toes, and remain for a few seconds in this position. Repeat the 30 lifts 3 times.

4. Also, in the upright position and with the legs slightly off, with your back tilted to the right, you must imitate the seat on the chair and then return to the initial position (upright). Make 2 sets per 25 everyone.

real life health and fitness

5. The best and most common aerobics exercises are the domestic works, such as cleaning the floor, the windows, reordering the wardrobes, playing with your children or even your pet.

Watch the video with exercises at home.

Outdoor workoutsin the yard

The outdoor movements are countless, especially when you have a yard or a garden. Nothing and nobody can stop you from moving. Every movement is a dose of health. That’s why I will list just a few of them.

Start with an easy warm up of 10 squats, 10 bendings and 10 trunk rotation. Then, do 10 shoulder rotations and 10 elbow rotations, after which you you can do 10 pushups on the grass. And there you go! You are all warmed up. Continue with 200 m of running.

If not, you can clean the garden, rearrange the garage or whatever else you want. Just keep moving!

The most important thing is to move, move and move!!! Don’t spend all day on the couch watching TV. Being isolated with no access to the real life, without being able to go to the gym to work out it shouldn’t mean that people are not supposed to try any longer.

Regular maintenance with daily exercises helps our immune system and keeps us healthy. All the studies agree that regular and moderate intensity of aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling, or walking for an average of 2,5 hours per week have many benefits in maintaining our immune system healthy and strong.

Women exercising outdoor

Obviously, everybody can create a daily routine depending on their individual capacity and their will to impose restrictions on behalf of their own health. These are only a few suggestions.

Everybody can do various exercises in different places. We just have to limit our movement area. That’s why I recommend you to keep moving, to focus on your real life health and fitness, even more than before! This is the best opportunity to do something, which you may not have had time to accomplish before.

So, keep these in mind: move, move and move; don’t stop, because if you stop, you lose!!!

If you can’t create a daily workout, you could find some interesting exercises and fitness products online, specially created for this purpose.

Finally, it’s also very important for us to follow all the pandemic rules against coronavirus, only together and being responsible of every our action we’ll combat this invisible enemy. We don’t have an alternative in this hard fight. Be patient because all of these will pass and we return to our ordinary life. This is for you, from Italy and I think that is enough to understand my message.

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