Is Green Juice Good For You?


There are a lot of offers on the marketplace around the world regarding the benefits of green juice, which contains various ingredients. There are also various components in these green juices that help to lose bodyweight, increase immunity, maintain a clear mind, prevent heart disease, and prevent or ameliorate other diseases and conditions.

Is green juice good for you?

In this case, a question comes spontaneously. Is green juice good for you or for anyone?

The answer to the above question can only be found in the studies on green juices, and their benefits for our health, and obviously for weight loss. So, we are going to make a short synthesis of these studies that we found online.

1. According to a scientific report of nature research published by NCBI, the intestinal flora has an essential contribution in maintaining our health. The research is based on the study of vegetable and fruit juices and their benefits for the intestinal microbiota. The study was done on a sample of 20 healthy persons (adults), who have consumed only vegetable and fruit juice for 3 days followed a normal diet for 14 days.


1. On day 4 the researchers observed an important decrease in weight and body mass index like (p = 2.0E−05), and this result was maintained until day 17 with this index (p = 3.0E−04).

2. Other important observation is that on day 4, the proportion of the Firmicutes and Protobacteria of the phylum registered an important decrease.

3. However, the Bacteroidetes and Cyanobacteria registered an increase compared to baseline and was partially reversed on day 17.

4. On day 4, the plasma and the urine nitric oxide indicated an increase by 244 ± 89% and 450 ± 360%, and the marker of urinary lipid peroxidation called malondialdehyde decresed by 32 ± 21% compared to baseline.

This is the graph about this experiment.

Is green juice good for you


The conclusion of the study is that the well-being score was positive and had an impact on health.

In short, the 3-day diet based on vegetables and fruit juice changed the intestinal microbiota simultaneously with the weight loss.


The same study shows that the consumption of total calories per person/day was 1310 Kcal. in the 3-day of juice-diet, and the weight loss was of 1.7kg + – 1.2kg. Also, after 2 weeks of habitual diet the bodyweight remained at 0,91 +- 0.9 kg reported to the initial weight. And, the body mass index which decresed by 0.6 + – 0.4 on the first 3-day juice diet, remained in the next 2 weeks of habitual diet at 0.33 + – 0.3.


You can see here some types of green juices and compared them:

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What about how is green juice good for you in the opinion of Health Harvard Education?

Some facts

Undoubtedly, drinking juice or eating vegetables and fruits regularly are good habits for our health. The juice industry comes with several juice offers, including green juice which is promoted as an excellent ally in the fight against extra pounds and in the prevention of many diseases. So, gives us some useful information about how is green juice good for you and why juice fasting is bad for you.

Some supporters of juice-diet suggest drinking only green juice for several days as a cure against chronic diseases and weight loss, as we saw in the next and above studies.

What are we to do? Juicing or not juicing?

Drinking fresh home-made juice increases the portion of vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber and antioxidants with some evidence for our health.

With increasing demand in the consumer market, several studies identified the benefits of juicing and safe consumption.

According to these studies, a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables is our protection against chronic diseases such as a lower risk of developing diabetes. It also protects our heart health and protects us from cancer.

An important thing to keep in mind is that every juice has a different nutritional value and cannot have the same health benefits as a healthy diet.

Health Harvard consideration:

1. An additional intake of juice can increase the risk of developing diabetes in people and may cause weight gain, because the juice is rich in calories and sugar.

2. The insoluble fiber from fruits and vegetables give us bowel regularity, can lower cholesterol and can stabilize the concentration of blood sugar. Those insoluble fibers promoted a sense of fullness and contribute to maintain a healthy weight.

3. The absence of protein in juices helps maintain muscle mass for a healthy weight.

4. Be careful because the fast diet with juice for a rapidly detoxified body could cause some potential side effects such as diarrhea, irritation and tiredness.

5. A final opinion according to this source is that the consumption of vegetables and fruit juice could be a healthy way to cover the need of mineral and vitamins in the body, but it should not replace the fresh vegetables and fruits, which have a natural action in detoxifying our body.

Other online sources such as Medical News Today give us some interesting information about juice and its potential benefits and risks, as well as about its possible effects on the body or how to do a juice cleanse.

Is Green Juice Good For You?

What is the juice cleanse and what is green juice good for you? Benefits and Risks.

The juice cleanse involves a diet based only on juices from fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight and detoxify the body.

An important difference between juice and blending consists in that the juice is obtained from the pulp of the fruit or from the pulp of the vegetable, while the blending is a mix obtained from all of the parts of fruit or vegetable.

Potential Benefits

Proponents of the diet called juice cleansing, which involves consuming only juices for a certain period of 3 to 10 days, state that it can have some benefits for our health.

It is well known that the fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals.

1. Drinking juice can increase the extra nutrients into the body and boost our health.

2. Boost the immune system and energy due to anti-inflammatory components.

3. Remove the toxins from the body, but not sure which toxins are removed.

4. Juices help the gut to work better because contains healthy enzymes.

However, according to Medical News Today, these benefits are just fiction, because these benefits don’t have a scientific base.

Potential Risks

On the other hand, the doctors talk about potential risks of juice cleanses.

1. Ingesting a large quantity of juice could be dangerous for those people who have kidney disorders, because some juices contain oxalate, and this acid could form the kidney stones.

2. Just because the juice-diet is low in calories could decrease the weight, but not for a long time.

3. Drinking unpasteurized juices can create a serious risk of illness, without a suitable treatment to remove bacteria.

4. Dehydration is another risk of the juice cleanse if there are laxatives.

5. Due to a reduce number of calories, this diet lowers blood sugar, so it can cause symptoms such as headaches, hunger, weakness, etc.

In conclusion, you must be very careful when you intend to start a diet of this type. Sometimes the benefits could become risks for your health. Our advice is that you get all the information about the juice you want and, if possible, consult your doctor or your nutritionist before starting any juice-only diet.

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