8 Of Oregano Essential Oil Uses


The new era of technology has introduced so many things to us and we are surely blessed. With the help of technology oregano shaped a new form of oregano essential oil uses.

Origano Essential Oil Uses

Oregano essential oil is popularly known for its antimicrobial, along with antiviral and antifungal components. Besides, recent experiments have shown that these compounds have also potentiality as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and cancer restrainer agents. The components of oregano essential oil have also a huge demand for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry.

What is Oregano?

The word oregano comes from the two Greek words oros and ganos where oros means mountain and ganos means joy, so oreganos means the joy of the mountain. It is a flowering plant which has been used as an herb to flavor food, even ancient Greek and Roman civilization used it as a medicine.

The oregano plant can rise to 30 inches tall and gives purple color flowers. The leaves are used to create the potential oregano essential oil.

 Oregano Essential Oil Uses

Oregano holds different components namely phenols, terpenes, and terpenoids. They have strong antioxidant properties which are the reason for fragrance. This oil has several health benefits and used in multiple ways.

  1. Fighting against bacteria

Oregano essential oil can fight against different types of bacteria. For example- staphylococcus is a well-known bacteria that is a reason for staph infection. Different injuries may happen naturally in the body, and when the bacteria increase quickly, it can produce irritating symptoms. Taking oregano oil as a supplement or massage oregano oil on the skin can help you to get rid of these anti-bacterial effects. This is one of the large oregano essential oil uses.

  1. Reduce of Fungal Infections

Oregano oil also uses to treat fungal infections as it contains a high level of thymol. One research has found that thymol can be an effective treatment for usual candida fungal infections. Candida can create various types of infections, like as- oral trash, an athlete’s foot, yeast infections, and infected toenails or fingernails.

  1. As an antioxidants

Oregano oil is also used as a potent antioxidant that helps to protect the human body from damage created by oxidative stress and free radicals. Free radicals damage may prevent aging and increasing some diseases, like cancer, heart disease, etc. It has been found that oregano has 3-30 times more antioxidants than the other herbs. You can get higher benefits from using less oregano oil than using fresh oregano.

  1. Reduction of Inflammation

Inflammation can link to several health effects in the body. So, the anti-inflammatory properties of oregano oil reduce inflammation. One study has shown that carvacrol, one of the components of oregano oil, also helps to reduce inflammation. As the researchers found some promising results, so they asked for more experiments on the human body.

  1. Relief from Pain

Rubbing oregano essential oil on the skin may help to cure different types of wounds, like smaller cuts, scrapes, etc. A composition like thymol and carvacrol have a great impact to protect these types of pain occurred from bacterial infections.

An older observation of mice using normal painkillers and oregano essential oils showed their ability to relieve pain. It has been observed that oregano essential oil tremendously decreases the pain in mice over the generally used painkillers.

  1. Losing Weight

Oregano oil helps significantly to reduce weight. Those who are fatty or even want to be slim can use oregano oil. A group of researchers has experienced that carvacrol, the leading component in oregano essential oil, leads to generate and amalgamation of fat tissue. In the future, more research over it may help to generate more trustful results.

  1. Fighting against Cancer

Several researchers found that oregano oil can fight against some cancers. Oregano essential oil prevents specific types of colon cancer along with breast cancer which has been tested in labs.

Besides, this oil can prevent the development of different types of lung cancer as well as prostate cancer cells. Several pieces of research have come even so many will come in the future but the thing is you can apply this oil but don’t take it as a substitute for medical treatment.

  1. Repelling Insects

Oregano essential oil with the presence of carvacrol and thymol also acts as the repellant of different kinds of insects. In 2017, several researchers noticed that these two compounds revoke some ticks and mosquitos. The research was held by using test tubes with human participants. So, rubbing oregano oil to the whole body may protect from insects.

Oregano essential oil uses

Overall, oregano essential oil uses are powerful and can effectively solve a wide range of problems. Be aware of not taking too much oregano essential oil. It is best to use this oil according to the direction of the medical office because there is a huge risk of burning internal tissue if someone takes it orally.

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Note: This is an informative post only. Don’t use any essential oil without medical advice. Oregano essential oil has multiple benefits and uses but, it has also a few contraindications in its uses. For example, one of those is related to the absorption of iron, which could be responsible for blocking the absorption of iron in your body. So, be careful and ask your doctor when you decide to use the oregano essential oil.

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