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Fitness Bootcamp Business

The Fitness Bootcamp Business reveals how to turn a floundering personal training job into a real business.

How to run it successfully?

You’ll Discover Everything You Need to Know About Planning, Designing and Setting Up a Profitable BootCamp – No Previous Experience Required!

For who is the fitness bootcamp?

This business is for personal fitness trainers all around the world, who want to spend less time training while putting more money in their pockets.

“Running a fitness boot camp is one of the most profitable and rewarding things you can do as a fitness professional!”


Because you can: – earn more money while working fewer hours

– do this no matter where you live

– save tons of money

– save money for your clients

What do you get from Fitness BootCamp Business Package?

  1. You will get complete instructions for planning and designing your boot camp.
  2. All the registration forms and liability waivers you need.
  3. Complete sample workouts and exercises description.
  4. All the marketing materials, samples and templates you need to create sold-out boot camps.

“If you are ready to get in serious shape while having serious fun, get on your way to a “Sure Victory” – Fitness Boot Camp, Kit!

It’s everything you need to know about designing a fitness boot camp that produces serious results for your clients and serious results for your bottom line. Easy to read. Easy to follow. Easy to implement….” (client review)

This business kit is created by Georgette Pann, and is based on a long experience as a certified trainer who specializes in weight loss and nutrition, bodybuilding. Post-rehab and fitness boot camps. She is also the co-owner of NutriFitness and more.

If you want to know more about Georgette Pann, follow this link!

There are another 6 interesting FREE bonuses + A marketing guide for Fitness BootCamp, by Patrick Rigsby.

Anyway, if you are interested in the fitness bootcamp you can see more exercise and fitness products just by continuing to visit our website.

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