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Mediterranean Food – Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Mediterranean food and diet is very healthy. More precisely, it presents a lifestyle based on eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, seafood, fish, and extra virgin olive oil. This diet is a proof that people can live healthily without eating lots of meat!

More than fifty years ago, the advantage of the Mediterranean diet on people’s health were underlined. The keywords of this diet are vegetables, fruit, and extra virgin olive oil. The outcomes are longevity, low incidence of heart obesity and diseases. The inventors of this amazing lifestyle are the inhabitants of the Greek island Crete.

Essential rules for a Mediterranean food

Countries neighbouring the Mediterranean sea have different religions, cultures and habitats and definitely, different eating constraints and preferences. Anyway, some essential rules are kept every place. These rules have never been imposed, but naturally, their plates are full of fruit, green vegetables, fish and fruit, mixed with olive oil. In some areas, in Crete for example, red meat is eaten just several times a year and fish is nevertheless eaten moderately as they favour vegetables. They do not eat eggs or products made with eggs, but about 4 times a week. A third of the calories that are necessary to the body are taken from the olive oil that have unsaturated fat acids. Cereals, cheese, and honey are also a vital part of this diet. Anyway, a glass of wine completes the fun of eating. Because of its different properties, the daily use of glass of red wine is advised.

Healthy species in Mediterranean food

A very vital role in the fragrance of the Mediterranean food, which is cooked extremely simply, is played by species: thyme, basil, caraway, mint, oregano, etc. They do not just satisfy gustative papillae, but they also play a vital role in keeping people fit.

The recipes from this cookbook are perfect for every occasion and group of people, though you can also indulge in them all on your own.

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