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Doctor Herzog Remedies

The Best Home Remedies Book

Doctor Herzog Remedies is a “Health Survival Encyclopedia” with 478 pages, and it is based on over 100 researches on natural home remedies, scientifically verified.

The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies is a complete source for our health, such an alternative solution for prevention and treatment of various health problems.

The e-book is available in PDF or physical, classic book.

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 Details about Doctor Herzog Remedies

In this book – Doctor Herzog Remedies, the author describes the benefits for our health when we use home remedies. He also explains how to grow the plants at home and how to cure them.

We continue with some examples from this book about the plants.

Peppermint is a plant that can be grown in most climates. It can also be easily grown in a container as a houseplant.

We can grow it in our garden, without a container.

The Barberry plant supports and increases beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This plant is suitable for lowering the blood sugar levels of those who suffer from diabetes, type 2. It can be grown in a container or in our garden as peppermint.

Valerian plant is a very popular plant and we know that it is very useful for those who suffer from insomnia. It is also a good remedy to reduce depression, anxiety and muscle cramps.

Chamomile, how to grow it and its benefits for stress, pressure and anxiety, all about its benefits and how to use it, in the book Doctor Herzog Remedies.

The benefits of black pepper, elderberry tea, yarrow are also found in Dr. Herzog’s remedies book. You will learn about tea and coffee, and their benefits for our health if you drink them every day. You can also read and understand more about Spirulina. What it is and what benefits it has for our health. Doctor Herzog remedies in the same book, wrote about how to treat infected wounds with home remedy.

These are only some examples.

Doctor Herzog Remedies is a book where you’ll find a lot of plants with their benefits and advice. “Survival Home Remedies” by Doctor Herzog is also a great guide on how to grow the plants at home, and how to prepare your remedies.

Why would you buy the book?

If you buy the book, you will receive other bonuses from “Doctor Herzog Remedies”.

Don’t worry about the guarantee! You have 60 days to return the book and get your money back, if you are not satisfied.

If you don’t want a digital book, you can buy a physical book, or maybe both.

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