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Gluten Guardian Equal Gluten Free

How Gluten Guardian can help you to digest gluten and get your body gluten free?

Gluten Guardian is the best way to defend your body against gluten. With High quality Gluten Guardian you don’t need to renounce to your gluten, but you take away with it.

The power of this supplement is that it includes the potent source of DPP-IV, and not only. It works in synergy with 4 proteases to crash different type of proteins inside of wheat. One of this is called astrazyme and it helps the absorption of beneficial nutrients. The role of other 3 types of amylase are to break down the carbohydrates. 

How Gluten Guardian helps you in gluten free

  1. Gluten Guardian provides support for digestive problems related to eating foods with gluten.
  2. Includes Peptidase DDP-IV, a specific gluten enzyme.
  3. It helps the digestive system and the absorption of foods.
  4. Offers comfort from bloating and indigestion.

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Gluten Guardian is a mix of 8 plants with a proteolytic enzyme at the base,  that includes Peptidase and also the 4 enzymes that break down starches and sugars.

The enzymes are a very important part of our life and bodies, without them our life doesn’t function. A normal enzyme reactions in our body keep all systems active and the functions at their normal parameters.

The truth about gluten free?

The truth is… it’s probably caused by a lot of factors, combined.

Other truth is… unless you’re 100% happy with your current health… you NEED to remove gluten from your diet.

Even if you strictly avoid gluten, it’s nearly impossible to remove gluten from your diet!

Why? Because we live in a world of gluten contamination.



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