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Amber’s Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Dancing “Masterclass” Classes  was created by Amber Starr. Amber Starr is a professional dancer. Also she is a masterclass intructor. 

On the other hand, Pole Dancing is one of the fastest growing sports and fitness trends in the world.

Pole Dancing classes is an effective and entertainment way to look and feel awesome.

 Pole dancing classes consists in:

1. 100 video courses with a total running time of 6 hours of in – depth lessons

2. Step-by-step pole dance instruction program

3. 3 different teachers covering 3 major routines including fitness workouts

4. Get intensive Pole Dance Workouts

5. Suitable for beginners to advanced dancers

6. 50 isolated moves – visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on screen visual aids

7. Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles

The course gives you, also:

–  expert teachers to facilitate your learning in various styles

– covers 3 distinct routines (exotic, exercise, aerobic)

– plus 100+ videos (50 different moves+ combinations, routines and choreography)

 You will get to work on your core , learn balance and how to control your muscles.

 In this pole dancing classes you will learn the basic pole dancing moves, and integrate them into transitions like a professional dancer.

What Is Pole Dance?

Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics, thus far  it is very popular as a mainstream form of fitness.

It requires significant muscular endurance and coordination therefore, strength and flexibility.

Pole dancing class is amazingly easy for beginners because it has given the right training.

 Amateur and professional pole dancing competitions are still held in countries around the world.

Who is Amber Starr?

Amber Starr is a Master Pole Instructor and Professional Dancer.

She has a long experience (12 years) as a professional dancer. Obviously, she teaches from beginners to advance level.

Actually she runs a dance studio at Long Beach, California.

Start your pole dancing classes now and claim the six gifts!!!

What Customers Have To Say?

The best All-In-One Course … This course is awesome value and is essential for anyone learns pole dancing. I’ve tried many pole dancing DVDs and this the most complete one yet. It includes the exotic routines, exercises and the workout routine… So, the videos are easy to follow and the instructions are great. Highly recommended” – Laura Rocha, Laguna Beach, Ca.

“This can’t be beat for price and quality but for great explanations, lots of variety… and lots of fun! After looking at several other pole dance lessons, it was a joy to come across this that is just right on the money.

The videos are well presented. The steps are clearly detailed, good pace and with great encouragement. That’s why, I highly recommended it for all aspiring pole dancers.”Kristi Le, Matthews, NC

” Great Beginners Guide To Pole Dancing”
” This video is a great beginners guide to pole dancing. The guide is set up in a way that allows you to see the move slow and faster. Lots of good basics, but also, room to grow (and other advanced stuff that’s just amazing to watch and aspire to!)
The moves are broken down for you and there is space for pausing the dvd for practice. Great workout and a lot of fun. “
Lauren Mcghee, BC Canada.
You’ll find all reviews about Amber’s Pole Dancing Classes here, on his site.

Finally, Remember 100% risk free, unconditional money back guarantee!!!

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