Healthy Recipes Cookies | Thousands and Delicious Tried and True Recipes

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Grab This Ultimate Collection Of Cookbooks On CD That Features Thousands Of Delicious Tried And Healthy Recipes Cookies


 Healthy Recipes Cookies

 Healthy Recipes is a collection with 20 cookbooks for everyone. Why spend money on a single recipe book, when you can have an entire collection for the same price, or even cheaper, on your computer?

  “The Ultimate Cookbook Collection CD” will provide you thousands of Healthy Recipes Cookies for everything. From appetizers and soups to desserts, cakes, and cookies!

The Collection includes  the next e-cookbooks healthy recipes cookies:

1. Amazing Appetizers – this a collection good for party food

2. Here you’ll find 300 Chicken Recipes – including, chicken wings, chicken salad, chicken pot pie and sweet, and more …

3. Tried and True Beef Recipes – the best recipes for beef and steaks

4. Chili Cookbook – a collection with hundreds of Chili recipes. Many of these have been time tested and have their fan  favourites.

5. Quick and Easy Recipes – there are over 175 quick and easy recipes.

6. The Complete Soup Cookbook – this is a complete collection of soups and chowders.

7.  Chinese Style Cooking – for who love the Chinese food

8. Dessert Recipes – a delicious collection of dessert.

9.  Mexican Recipes – for those who love the Mexican food.

10. Low Fat Recipes – this is a special cookbook for those who are following a low fat diet.

11. Cookies and Bars – this e-book includes a lot of recipes  like Brownies, Cinnamon, Biscotti, Sugar cookies and much more.

Above I’ve just selected some of those e-books from the collection, but there are another 9 e-books with healthy and true recipes, plus the gifts from author’s collection.

Also, you’ll receive as bonus, a special collection of Chef Tom’s with quick and easy recipes.

You’ll get access to a forum recipes and absolutely interesting and fantastic bonus with 7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss and Fitness. The fourth bonus is free Access to Click & Print Grocery Coupons.

This extensive package even includes separate recipe books for Thanksgiving dinners, dishes made with a pressure cooker, and even a whole e-book with nothing but vodka drink recipes!

For a ridiculously low price, you’ll be getting a whopping twenty cookbooks with all the healthy recipes cookies you’ll ever need in one place. For any cooking enthusiast, this is an absolute must have!

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